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Cub Scout Updates – Fall 2016 (from Bryan on Scouting)

The new requirements will be posted in a free addendum available at This will supplement the handbooks in current circulation and for sale online and in Scout shops.

The 2015 program updates caused some to believe the new requirements were too difficult, and rank advancements have not kept pace, so more of the adventure requirements have become optional.

The reduction in the requirements allows dens who do not meet all year to still easily complete all the needed requirements. Dens that meet more often, or for more months in a year can continue with optional requirements.

Units that can handle more content, perhaps because they meet more often or for longer periods, can — and should! — keep the optional requirements part of their program. On the other hand, those that have struggled to finish the requirements will welcome these changes as a way to meet their needs.

With the modifications, dens should be able to complete one adventure in approximately two den meetings.

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